Andres Oja is Estonian actor. He was trained at the Drama School of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. After graduating drama school in 2008, Andres went to work in Theatre Ugala in Viljandi (small town in Estonia). He was involved in many performances, among others: J.K.Jerome “Three Men in a Boat”,  A.Lindgren “Seacrow Island”, L.Tolstoi “Anna Karenina”, W.B.Thomas “Charley´s Aunt”,  K.Pollak “As It Is in Heaven”,  H.Ibsen “An Enemy of the People”,  V.Pelevin “The Yellow Arrow”,  P.Shaffer “Amadeus”, W.Shakespeare “Measure for Measure”, K.Grahame “The Wind in the Willows”,  T.Pratchett “Wyrd Sisters” etc.

In 2013 he quit from Ugala Theatre and since then he´s been a freelancer. Andres is also an experienced voice over and he has played in several commercials and TV series. Andres has written sketches for popular Estonian late night show “Nädalalõpp Kanal 2ga” and was a cast member in observational reality show “Telerahvas” (orign. “Gogglebox”) Right now you can see him in Andrew Goffmans play “The Accidental Pervert”, produced by Just Meelelahutus.